Helloooooo guys and dolls!

So my Facebook feed reminded me earlier this week that “Custody” Chapter One turns 11! Or rather, it did this past week! (“Custody” is that really, really, reallyyyyyyy long story that I wrote based off of the hit 2003-2006 animation “Teen Titans”) The story is technically older than that though because I wrote the first chapter back while I was writing “What?” ^^; The full story’s completion will be turning 10 in a little under 2 years now. Any proposals on how to celebrate? And no, writing more angst doesn’t count haha. 😉

It’s an odd thing though, looking back, I actually do read over this story quiet a bit. It’s still one of my favorite things that I have written. As I read, I do find the grammar errors, the spelling mistakes, and even repetitive wording that bothers me. Sometimes I also think of a way I might have written it better… But in the end, it’s still something I enjoy. I think that’s because while I was writing it, yes, I published it and shared it with others, but ultimately, I wrote it because it was a story I wanted to tell myself. And I think that’s one of the keys to telling a good story: Tell one you personally want to hear.

I wanted to shout out a major thank you to all of the reviews, favs, follows, and fanart pieces I’ve seen for this story over the years. Life sometimes gets the better of me and I am not always able to reply or respond, but please know I do see/read them and deeply appreciate all of your support. <3

It’s two years off, but for the completion’s 10th anniversary, what should we do? Something special? Do you guys have any ideas? Let me know if you do! I’m currently stirring the pot on mine. Till next time, thank you for celebrating “Custody” Chapter One turning 11!