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While my career writing online began in 2006, one could argue that I've been writing since I was old enough to type nonsense on a computer. At its core, I believe writing is a portal to imagination, both to the author's and the reader's. Under the penname RenaRedhead, I try to explore the dreams within those portals. Check out my written works below!


As a writer, I have written literature under 2 distinct pennames: RenaRedhead and SkywingKnights, thus these two are the same author.

All links to literature redirect to separate websites unrelated to via sources such as or  Enter these sites at your own risk.

Characters and settings of all fan fiction literature are not owned by RenaRedhead/SkywingKnights.

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My Thoughts on Writing


I’ve seriously always loved writing. I find it to be a truly therapeutic way of expressing myself. It also reminds me why I choose to believe in the good in people. Because when I write, I channel what in my heart, I believe to be the essence of what it means to love. I believe we all have that in us. So as the words leave my pen and find their way to the lasting ink on the page, I feel like it’s the proof that humanity is not to be forgotten, nor underestimated. For that reason, I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you for stopping by!

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