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Yes, yes, I’ll get to “Defying Destiny” , I promise I will, but… it was someone’s 30th birthday yesterday, so I thought I’d give her the gift of this little “Yu-Gi-Oh!” story (and luckily, all of you get to partake in the gift too)!

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Some things he always took as a constant.
Some very important things.
But when two constants conflict… Where will his brother’s loyalties lie?
A Gift for Hikari.


Hikari and I have been friends for at least 13 years now. We met while on a field trip for possibly one of the worst classes for the whole of our high school career. While on the trip, I noticed her drawing an anime character (something I didn’t know much about at the time), and complimented her on it. And somehow, from there, we figured out that we both wrote fan fiction and loved writing. And as they say, that’s all there was too it.

Constant - Kaiba BrothersAs she is the biggest Mokuba fan in the world, I figured this little one-shot would be something she would enjoy. Admittedly after I finished writing it I thought, “You know, there’s a little too much angst and horror here – fluff it up a bit, Rena. You can do it. It’s possible, I promise. After all, this is a birthday present. Don’t depress her.” XD

The story I think takes a rather predictable path when it comes to Mokuba and his older brother. But I hope it conveyed an important message, particularly for anyone on the younger side. That message? There are just bad people out there at times and if something happens to someone in their youth because of these bad people it is in NO WAY their fault. Kids are not responsible for things like that. Not to mention, no matter what, true family will always care far more about your safe return than anything else.

This really rings true to me on account of an experience I had as a kid. I remember being in high school and walking home and some sketch in an old beat up Volvo said to me “Hey, wanna ride?” I didn’t know him and so I shook my head. He drove off, but 5 minutes later, he returned and said “Come on, I’ll give you a ride.” I shook my head again and ended up going into a nail salon and calling my parents, who in turn called the police. Really creepy and they never caught the guy. And I was way older than 12 at the time (which Mokuba is in this story).

I know, got a little serious there. But I think part of writing is relaying those important messages that you’ve learned in life, sometimes through anecdotal manners. I think great literature does that without necessarily spelling it out for you too, which is something I aim for when I write fiction.

Anyway though, Hikari’s been such a wonderful, constant friend to me and I’m so glad to know her (and yes, see what I did there?). So I hope you enjoy this story I made for her! If you’d like to know more about her, be sure to read this interview I did with her and her husband.

And let me know what you think of “Constant”! Maybe it will help you get through quarantine a bit. Until my next post, I’ll be working on “Defying Destiny” some more and maybeeeeee some Final Fantasy VII fan fics? Or Fruits Basket ones? -shrugs- Who knows. Oh, wait, no, more blog posts! What? Quarantine is supposed to be LESS stressful? What are you all playing at…-Also working on three cosplays right now too because LOGIC-

Constant - Kaiba Brothers Fan Fiction

Anyway, till my next update, stay safe and take care of yourselves! And happy birthday Hikari! Love you doll!

Happy reading,