Hello all!!

Has it really been almost 2 months since the Katsucon 2020? Boy time flies! In any case, here’s a rather late recap of the even! I waited though to post because I wanted to have some photos of both my cosplays as well as photos I took of others to share with you before I posted. So let’s get right into it! 😀

I don’t think I’ve cosplayed that much in years. Often times I go to events, but only for a day, so it becomes a one-costume-con for me. But this time, I went to all 4 days of the Katsucon 2020 Event (yes, I count Thursday or Day 0) and that meant cosplaying galore!

My line up for Katsucon 2020 included: Kyo Sohma from “Fruits Basket” on Thursday, Ichigo Kurosaki (Shikai Ver.) from “BLEACH” and Ichinose Tokiya (Maji Love 2000%) from “Uta No Prince-Sama” on Friday, Sebastian Michaelis (Circus Arc Ver.) from “Black Butler” and Cinderella from “Disney’s Cinderella” on Saturday, and finally Starfire from Cartoon Network’s “Teen Titans” (2003-2006) on Sunday. All costumes, save for Starfire and Kyo were new (though Kyo’s outfit was a bit of a revamp), so yeah! Accomplishments! ^_^

I was also really happy to be able to go to group cosplay shoots, which I haven’t been able to go to in years, particularly because I like meeting new people with similar interests. This year, I made it to the BLEACH photoshoot (in Ichigo), the Black Butler photoshoot (in Sebastian), the Disney photoshoot (in Cinderella, but I did not have my camera on me), and the UtaPri photoshoot (not in Tokiya at the time, rather I took photos). I also did one private photoshoot with my friends on Thursday where we did photos in Fruits Basket cosplays.

I’m currently still working on a TON of photos, but here are a few that I’ve gotten through so far. First, a few nice shots of my new cosplays ~~~ (oh my gosh I took pics in cos, I’ve missed that!)


SkywingKnights Cosplay


– Kyo Sohma –

Shigure is Descending Tsubasa.

Tohru is RaiinFaiiry; Tohru Costume made by Deicosart and royalvallite.

*Be sure to check out my cosplay of Akito too! I’ve also recently finished a cosplay for Hatori – where should I wear him to?* 😉

*Also, oh my gosh, guys, RaiinFaiiry and I finally cosed together again! Debatable Cosplay is back!* d^_^b


– Ichigo Kurosaki –



– Cinderella –

Just kidding! But actually, kinda not! When I was little, it was my dream to be Cinderella! I dressed up as her all the time. It got to the point where the clip on earrings I wore actually grew into my ears and we had to go to a doctor to get them removed. But I still loved Cinderella!

Meeting her as a kid at Disney World was a memory I’d never forget! So it only stands to reason that if you add of couple decades to my life and…





Dreams do come true!



While at Katsucon, I was happily ambushed by Cinderella’s step-family! They were so incredibly amazing! I seriously am still gushing over how beautiful and well made their cosplays were – everything from the boning and patterning to the materials – just perfect!!! 😀

Anastasia is chibirinoa

Drizella is ladylizaelliott

Lady Tremaine is bkane2727

*You can also see my other Disney princess cosplay – Anna from “Frozen” here!*


– Starfire –

…. Starfire didn’t get any photos! But I DID get to meet Michelle Ruff while dressed as Star! So you can have that selfie while I go off to gush about her being amazing as Rukia. :3


Next, some from my own photography gallery, organized by Day/Photoshoot! Here are some of my favorites thus far!


*Please keep in mind this is an incomplete set of photos – I’m still working on a number of them. Photos will be uploaded to my Cosplay Photography Album as they are completed as well as via my Twitter feed and Facebook page.*


SkywingKnights Photography


– Thursday (Day 0) “Fruits Basket”フルーツバスケット

*Day 0 over!*


– Friday (Day 1) “BLEACH” ブリーチ

*And here’s me being a total dork of a substitute soul reaper… :3*


– Saturday (Day 2) “Black Butler” 黒執事 –

*Have an extra one of me in Sebby’s wig while in Cinderella’s make up. Also, you win if you know why it’s funny that I’m wearing that shirt with that wig. Like, you win everything and should share the love here.*


– Sunday (Day 3) “Uta no Prince Sama” うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪

*And even though I was dressed as Starfire during this shoot, have one from the night before when I was a little better in theme for this one.* 😉


For a complete set of photos, visit my Cosplay Photography Gallery.

(Please give photos a minute to load – they’re all hi-res images so they take a minute to appear.) 🙂


Pst! Here are a few bonus photos from my phone!


As I said above, I’m still going through a TON of photos, these were just the easiest to get through first. If you went to any of these shoots and are looking for specific pictures, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me! Assuming I have shots of what you’re looking for, I can make them a priority to get to. I’m also happy to provide Hi-Res copies of these photos to those in them.

Overall, I had a blast at Katsucon this past year and was so happy to see old friends and of course make new ones too! I was surprised by how busy I actually was this year, so I apologize if I missed anyone or didn’t see you! Hopefully we can see each other at the next event! (And spring is coming out in full right about now – I hope you’re all being happy cosplayers and taking advantage of the weather if you can!)

Katsucon 2020Till the next event, I’ll be working on more Katsucon 2020 photos as well starting to get some photos up from my last trip to Kyoto. In the meantime, be sure to check out my Photography Gallery for more of my photos of People, Cosplay, and Japan (including recently Miyajima, Hiroshima, and the Bunny Island, and other beautiful places and people!) as well as my Cosplay Gallery for more of my cosplays!

Till next time, love you all!