Album: Kyoto

About This AlbumI don’t normally think of what I’ll do when I’ve reached the golden years of my life. But whenever anyone asks me where I’d like to retire, one place comes to mind: Kyoto. I love Kyoto. The tranquility. The history. And all of it’s beauty. While Tokyo excites my soul, Kyoto calms me…

Travels: Miyajima

Today, I’m sharing with you all my experience at Itsukushima (厳島), more popularly referred to as “Miyajima” (宮島) or “Shrine Island”, located southwest of the city of Hiroshima (広島). As one of the “Nihon Sankei” (日本三景), or “Three Views of Japan” coined by the scholar Hayashi Gaho (1618-1688), scholars consider it one of the most scenic and beautiful sites in all of Japan… and that’s an understatement!