Hello all,

I’m so, so, soooooooo sorry it’s taken me so long to update the blog. As I said in one of my past posts, I’ve been in the middle of a move and it’s been super super stressful. :'(

And that stress has, oddly enough, gotten me thinking a lot about the various kindnesses shown to me through out my life, whether by my friends, family, or even complete strangers. And with that thought, I wanted to share a story of a time when I was touched by the kindness of a stranger.

A Toxic Environment Void of Kindness

Back in 2019, I was in a bad place. I had just been hired at a company and was excited to be there, but I quickly realized I was in a toxic work environment, particularly due to one of my superiors who was consistently degrading me and others, was work obsessed, and for whom nothing was ever good enough.

Prior to this, I had lost my job due to the closing of the branch of the company I worked at. Because of that, I had been greatly relieved to have been hired within two weeks of having lost my job. But also because of this and for the short amount of time I had been at this new company, I was terrified of leaving this new job to be back in the job market.

With all of this stress, I was shocked to find that for the first time, my mental health not only took a downturn for the worse, but the literal mental stress on my brain began to affect the rest of my body. Very soon after I was hired, I found myself on the verge of a painful stomach ulcer, which had me feeling sick constantly.

The Low Point

One day, upon learning about the potential stomach ulcer and once more being degraded by this superior, I ended up at my lunch time walking outside as I usually did. But this time, I sat down on a little stone bench and found myself collapsing into tears, sobbing. In that moment, I literally didn’t know what to do. I was scared. I was hurt. And I was in pain.

And then, I heard a woman’s voice above me. I looked up to see a young lady, maybe my same age or a little older in runner’s gear. She asked me, “Hey, are you okay?”

I was so stunned, I couldn’t speak, but the tears kept coming and upon seeing this, she said “Oh!” as she leaned down, hugged me, and then said to me, “It’s going to be okay.”

Kindness from a hugI was so surprised, but I soon found myself hugging this woman I didn’t know and crying in gratitude. I’m not saying it was smart. I’m not saying it wasn’t odd. But in that moment, this woman felt like an angel sent from heaven to tell me that exact message.

“It was going to be okay.”

The hug didn’t last two long. She rubbed my back before letting go and saying to me, “I have to run, but don’t worry. It will be okay.”

I nodded and she smiled at me before running off. I watched her before looking back down into my lap. It was at that point I realized that I had to quit my job. And… as little as I knew about this woman – I didn’t even know her name –  her reassurance gave me the confidence to make the small steps back to my office and hand in my resignation.

Be Kind, Share Kindness


Shortly after leaving the company, I found another job and it’s a job I love. It’s not like the woman that day could have known that would happen for me. She didn’t even know what was wrong that day. And it’s not like she was why I found another job as quickly as I did.

But her kindness that day still touches my heart in a way that gives me peace. Peace because there are people out there, who regardless of what people may think of them, are willing to reach out and provide kindness to total strangers.

Be one of those people.

Give Kindness

Help Others and Be Kind

You never know what kind of impact you may have on someone. You never know what they’re going through. Don’t assume that someone doesn’t need you. Offer to help. Give of yourself. You don’t know the miracle you may provide for someone who is invisibly (or maybe visibly as was my case) on the brink of despair.

And this doesn’t apply just to strangers. Reach out to both those of whom you’re close to and not close to. The impact of your concern – your love – can heal the hearts of those for whom their hearts are broken.

Everyday, I pray to find someone I can help. I do this for multiple reasons, but I attribute at least some of this desire to that woman’s kindness. I’m not perfect. I don’t always help people every day. Sometimes I have no opportunities to do so and sometimes, I admittedly chicken out. But when I do muster the courage to reach out and be there for someone, I feel a great sense of love for them and for life. I feel this because I know that in those moments there’s a way that I’m able to help a son or daughter of God – because that’s who they are – they’re children of God. And what better way is there to spend your life than helping others? By giving love?

Kindness Changes Lives

If you make the commitment to try to be there for others, to the best of your ability, I promise you will notice a change in your life. This change will be one in which your heart will be touched, your hope will be restored, and you’ll find greater purpose to your life. Challenge yourself to be kind, always.

I’ll write again as soon as I can, but until then, I love you all. Know that you have a divine heritage, divine potential, and the ability to change the world.

Till next time,

Kindness. Pass It On.