Hello lovelies,

Here’s something fun for you all today: a kindness challenge! (Don’t worry, it’s relatively easy 😉 )  Try once a day for a full week to genuinely compliment someone you don’t know. And I mean genuinely. Compliment their hair if you like their hair. Tell them you are grateful for their smile. Compliment the shoes they’re wearing. Tell them you noticed them doing something nice for someone else and appreciate it.

I know it seems like it may feel random or weird to do. But you know what? I really love the reaction I get from people when I do that! You never know who’s day you’re going to brighten, who’s smile you’re going to see light up the room, or who’s in serious need of some kind words. 99% of people who receive a compliment from a stranger will feel that their day has been made a little better.

And the 1%? You can’t change everyone’s attitudes – but the thing is – no unkind word, no unkind deed is wasted. If that person doesn’t appreciate the compliment, someone else will and it might just bump up their faith in humanity, even if only a little bit.

Do this with your friends. And do this with your family. Do this with your coworkers too. Spread it around! Spread the joy! And most importantly, spread the love! And I’ll tell you something else, not only will you make someone else’s day better – you’ll find your own day brightening just a little bit every time you do so as well.

We are all children of loving Heavenly Parents – that makes us all brothers and sisters. Let’s show our siblings a little love. It doesn’t take much effort, it doesn’t take that long, and it can really change the course of someone’s day.

Moreover, I hope you may share with me any experiences you might have after doing this! And once you’re done, spread the challenge to others or try to see how long you can keep the chain going for! I wonder how many lives you can all touch, how many smiles you can make, and how much joy we can spread together.

Kindness ChallengeI hope also, more than anything, that this kindness challenge lifts you up as well. In conclusion, you’re wonderful. You’re amazing. And you too also deserve joy and happiness.

Much love all,