“I don’t intend to make excuses.”

-Erwin Smith

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Continuing on the trend of “Attack on Titan“, the Erwin Smith Costume Stat Page is up!

Oh Uniforms, I love that you are reusable. Erwin is perhaps the most fun of all of the “Attack on Titan” cosplays that I’ve done, ironically considering, well… spoilers. I’ve actually wanted to do other versions of him, but I need to find the peeps who’d like to join me in this escapades I think, haha.

Still, I really, really enjoy cosplaying as Erwin. I ended up making him to surprise my friend RaiinFaiiry, who had been asking me to do it. Then in secret I went to get photos of him at Hacostadium and well… in my defense, I didn’t know how much I’d end up loving Hacostadium (anyone want to go with me again?).

Erwin though is the type of character that really makes you think. He’s willing to give up a piece of his ‘humanity’ for information to help the rest of humanity. You ultimately wonder, along with him, if it’s all going to be ‘worth it’ or not. And if it is worth it, does that make him a good person? Does him being a good person hinge on if his actions are ‘worth it’ or not? Is that fair if he in fact he had good intents? All deep questions.

In any case, be sure to check it out!

Erwin Smith Costume Stat
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All stat pages are also accessible through each costume’s respective image on the Costume Gallery Pages. More to come soon! Until then, please enjoy the Erwin Smith Costume Stat Page!