How to Make the Perfect Portable Emergency Cosplay Repair Kit

How to Make the Perfect Portable Cosplay Emergency Repair Kit

In this tutorial, I’m breaking down what you need to make the perfect Emergency Cosplay Repair Kit that can fit into your bag while taking up a tiny fraction of the space. Better yet, this formula for what to include and how to create your own Emergency Cosplay Repair Kit will allow you to address the most common problems cosplayers can face while out in costume. And at the same time, it will also allow you to customize your kit as needed specific to your cosplays’ particular and unique challenges. Let’s go!

Sengaku Ji Temple

Travels: The Graves of the 47 Ronin

Content Warning: This article contains sensitive topics including violence and suicide.

For this trip, I wanted my off the beaten path adventures this time around to include a number of locations related to historic events. One of those locations included the resting places of the 47 Ronin (浪人). Yes, those 47 Ronin. Yes, they were real and their graves are right in downtown Tokyo (東京).