We’ve hit 100 blog posts guys! I just got back from Katsucon 2020 this past weekend (don’t worry, I’ll be posting about that very soon once I have some photos done), but I’m so very happy to have reached this milestone of 100 blog posts.  I’m looking forward all the more to writing new articles for you guys in the future on Japan, traveling, cosplay, writing, and of course, believing in yourself! Until that, I’d love to highlight some of my favorite past blogs that I hope you’ll check out. ^_^


On Cosplay:


5 Keys To Being A Happy Cosplayer

100 Blog Posts 5 Keys to Being a Happy Cosplayer


How To Pick The Right Cosplay Wig 


Make Up Review – Assist Wig’s Sara!Chi


What To Look For When Buying Fabric


Japan Travels:


Tokyo: Top 10 Places For The Anime Fan


Travels: Hiroshima


Travels: Miyajima


Entertainment Reviews:


KH3 Review: #MakeSoraADisneyPrince

100 Blog Posts KH3 Review


“Aladdin” – Refreshingly Splendid

100 Blog Posts Aladdin


And Then There Was “Bleach”

100 Blog Posts And Then There Was Bleach


Uplifting Messages:


Kindness Challenge

100 Blog Posts Kindness Challenge Compliment a Stranger


Thoughts This Christmas Season

100 Blog Posts Thoughts This Christmas Season


#Harlana2018: Be True To Yourself

100 Blog Posts Harlana 2018: Be True To Yourself


Writing and Interviews:



100 Blog Posts REVO


7 Tips to Writing Good Inspired Fan Fiction

100 Blog Posts 7 Tips For Writing Good Inspired Fan Fiction



100 Blog Posts X4 2018


Again, all my thanks goes out to those of you who read my blog. It means the world to me when you do. Even though it’s one of my quieter forms of art, writing is one of my favorite ways to express myself. So when I see others enjoy reading my work, it just means so much. Thank you all and I can’t wait to bring you my next one (Pst! We’re going to be talking about FLUFFY BUNNIES!! 😉 )

Till then, much love guys,