Hello all,

This is a short little piece, but it’s struck me as of lately how tied we all are to our music and how, more often than not, we hear “your music choice is awful” from others or we catch ourselves thinking something along the lines of “I guess this will suffice” when someone turns on their own radio station of choice that’s not your own, as though it’s a competition to see who has the best taste in music.

Understanding Life Hack: A person’s music playlist isn’t part of a competition. It’s an expression of who they are.

Your Music

Certainly, there are Billboards and Oricon charts detailing the highest sales of various albums and songs, so yes, one might say ‘this song has sold more or touched more people’. But your music selection is uniquely you. It’s a list of songs that have touched you in someway. You like the rhythms, the lyrics, the instruments, the tones, the messages, etc. Songs that “do well” do so because they touch many, many people. But just because a song hasn’t touched as many people as a “top hit” doesn’t mean it hasn’t touched anyone.

And eventually, you will find another person who enjoys the same songs you do, which can lead to a human connection, or in other words, a friendship.

So don’t listen to people when they say you have a ‘bad taste’ in music. Maybe it’s not what’s on the radio all the time or doesn’t get a lot of people dancing at a party. Maybe there’s a note or two that sounds off to people. So what? Just because some music doesn’t touch them the same way it touches you, it doesn’t devalue your taste. If anything, it helps define you a little bit more, showing why you are unique and wonderful: Because you’re distinct and see the world a little differently than others.

And how else can the world be better than to look at it from different angles and perspectives? How much more beautiful does the world become with those diversities, those enlightenments, and those other ways of seeing the wonder of the world we live in? The world remains constant. But how much more amazing is life when there are unseen marvels to be found in you, in me, and everyone around you?

Your MusicIn short, be you. Love your music. And never forget you’re you and no one can replace you (or your music). In the same way, remember that no one can replace “them” or “their” music either. So let’s all be a little kinder and a little more understanding. Let’s find a way to make someone else feel loved today. In spite of our many differences, those actions might just bring us all a little closer together.

Love always,