Hey everyone,

Alright, I KNOW I should be working on “Defying Destiny” if I’m working on any fan fiction at all, but I couldn’t get this one out of my head. So here’s something to mix it up a bit. My first “Danny Phantom” based story: “Run”! Check it out through the following link (link in the title, with the summary below)!

Read “Run”

He had to keep running.
Not because there was a time limit.
Not because anyone was chasing him.
Not even because he had anywhere he really had to go.
He just…
had to keep running.


In all honesty, this one just sort of came to me while I was in the gym. I rather hate running at the gym. But that’s why I always admire ‘heroes’ who clearly have to train by running in stories. And that’s when it all sort of fell into place. A story about the teenage Danny Phantom, a kid who clearly had self-esteem issues, who was unable to see what he was doing was actually really impressive. I really enjoyed writing this one though, which surprised me because this was the first time I had dived into this fan fiction sub genre in particular. It actually gave me more ideas for future stories! Perhaps once I finish “Defying Destiny”, we can explore those avenues.

Until then, I hope you like “Run”!

Happy reading,