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Don’t you love art? I love art and I love the artists that create it. This month, for our Featured Artist Spotlight, I’m super happy to highlight the works of one of those artists, Wingedlight Cosplay! (With a personal interview too!)

With a background in beading and jewelry making, Wingedlight started cosplaying in 2008. Talking of her specialties to me, Wingedlight said, “I’m mainly focused on textile work, especially things like embroidery and appliqué, smocking, and other fabric manipulation…so I like projects that include those skills.”

Now ten plus years after entering the world of cosplay Wingedlight has entered and won numerous cosplay competitions. Often with some highly elaborate and intricate outfits. When I asked her about how she goes about selecting her outfits and the designs she chooses to undertake, Wingedlight told me, “It depends if I’m making them for a competition, as a crafting project, or just for general fun. In the first case, it would be determined by the complexity and source of the costume, as well as the criteria of the contest. For the second, it’s mostly about aesthetics for me, and for the third it just depends on what I’m in to and what I can cosplay with friends!”

Once a costume takes hold of her mind, Wingedlight has an uncanny ability to bring it to life with an incredible amount of attention to detail. But out of all of the things that come with the territory of cosplay, Wingedlight seems to have a particular fondness for doing the hobby with friends.

“My favorite part is wearing the costumes and seeing new and old friends in them. I love matching friends, competing with friends, and meeting new people by wearing cosplays from the same sources!” she said.

Kinda the best part of the cosplay journey, am I right? 😀

Check out the wonderful works Wingedlight has made on her cosplay journey below!





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Despite her already amazing accomplishments though, Wingedlight continues to better herself in regards to the art of cosplay. “I like to push myself to learn new techniques, particularly ones that come from new ideas/materials/technologies such as 3D printing, thermoplastics, machine embroidery, etc. Next on my list to learn and explore are LED’s, leatherworking, and picot beading.”

Talk about a range of skills to undertake! Through it all though, Wingedlight is more than just an amazing artist dedicated to her craft. She’s also a highly positive, intelligent individual. Not to mention, she has a wonderful way of encouraging those around her to do their best. She naturally is able to remind them really remember to love doing what they’re doing.

At the end of our interview, I asked Wingedlight what advice she’d give those unsure of their capabilities regarding their choice of art form. She positively answered, in a way that’s very much her, “First, to do a lot of research before beginning something you haven’t tackled before. That could be books, classes, blogs, online tutorials, phoning a friend who has experience, etc. Then, to just jump in and do your best! Trying new things is always scary but once you get into it and just keep going, eventually you’ll finish and then you’ll have experience too!”

So there you have it – research what it is you want to do and then jump right on in! Considering Wingedlight’s growth and success, it definitely seems like a worthwhile way of going about tackling whatever art form it is you have your heart set on.

In conclusion, be sure to check out more from Featured Artist Spotlight series on our blog and we’ll see you next month!

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