Hello loves,

So a short and sweet little blog from me this week on Iceland and SCB stuff. Life has been so busy lately, so my apologies that I’m unable to write more than this, but if I do get down time, I’ll see if I can get more out again later on.

Essentially though, lots of errands, home and car maintenance (because you know, being a responsible adult is important), and prepping for my latest upcoming trip to Reykjavik, Iceland as when it draws closer, I won’t have time to prep much! I’m excited though as this will be a big photography heavy trip so hopefully the weather will be good. Anyone else been to Iceland? What was it like? Did you have any favorite places?

Though I’ve had a lot to do – none of it got done over the weekend though as my roomie and I went to the SuperCarlinBrothers meetup for “Toy Story 4”! So much fun! How many of you have seen the movie so far? Did you enjoy it? Where does it rank within your Toy Story movie bracket? For me, it was by far the most outstandingly animated – but “Toy Story 2” still remains at the top for me (don’t get me wrong, I still cried immensely during “Toy Story 3” though).

If you’re unfamiliar with the SuperCarlinBrothers, be sure to check out our Artist Spotlight on them and follow them on Youtube. They’re seriously fantastic.

Other than Iceland and SCB, not much else going on – hitting the gym every day, which feels great after being really rather sick for the last two months. I’m still recovering, but I can run again as my stomach issues now only have been occuring after I eat. Been running and reading a lot while at the gym though – I can watch things while I work out, but I find they end up becoming a countdown to when I can just finish where as reading doesn’t have that same effect for me.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ve likely noticed a number of comic reviews coming through that I’ve been going through during my gym time. Do you enjoy going to the gym and reading? What’s the best thing you’ve read lately (at the gym or otherwise)?

Lots of questions from me today I’m noticing… -shrugs-. Other than prepping, watching movies, running, and reading, I’ve also been catching up on a few more of the new Furuba episodes and re-reading some of the manga – it’s amazing how now nearly ten years since I first read it that I still really enjoy it, but am now finding new reasons to enjoy it too. Not to mention how other more mature characters become more interesting as I get older. (Funny how aging works, haha… ah, I’m old OTL) .

In any case, are you keeping up with Furuba? I did the math the other day. At the rate they’re going, we may expect 80+ episodes in order to finish the entire series. How crazy is that?? Could easily see this thing easily running for 2 years then if they’re really doing the whole thing. Not that I’m complaining though! I just want to see more! You can definitely expect a review of it from me after Season 1 finishes.

And that’s about it from me for now! Iceland and SCB stuff. I don’t normally ask for this, but please pray for my safe travels and health (as I push myself to continue to recover faster) – it will help ease my mind as my flights come upon us. Till next time!