It’s been 2 years guys!!! 2 years!!!

Ok, sorry, let me start over. Hi everyone! Very quick little entry for you today, but it’s for a little celebration here on this website – that of a 2 year anniversary since my first blog post! Seriously, I can’t believe I’ve been at it for 2 years now. Often, I feel like I have a ton of ideas still to get down and posted, but then I look back and realize there’s been a lot of posts already (over 100 actually!)

2 Year Anniversary!I suppose it’s all a good thing though, because it means I can bring you more interesting thoughts, tips, tid-bits, and discoveries that I find as I go about life. I think that’s the best part about blogging – getting to share what I learn with all of you! And I will certainly do my best to get them all posted as the inspiration hits. Writing is odd like that. Sometimes you just need the right timing. Anyway, thank you all for joining me and sticking with me through out this fun adventure. I hope that you’ve been enjoying it and that there will be many more adventures to come! Here’s to this 2 Year Anniversary!

Love you all,