Hey all,

Back from Anime USA 2019 (AUSA) – little bit of a late post, buttttt I claim adulthood and work take a bit of priority – gotta eat after all. 😉 Anywho, I only made it out to the Saturday of Anime USA, but even still, it was a lot of fun!

I realized while there it had been 11 years since my first Anime USA – boy does time fly! I haven’t been able to attend for a few years and in the time since, it’s changed locations to a beautiful Washington Marriott Wardman Park hotel near the Washington DC Zoo. The day before I didn’t get home till late, meaning I didn’t wake up super early (despite my best efforts – hit that snooze button one too many times) so I didn’t get to AUSA until around 10, but hey, I made it! So I consider that a win. ^_^

I was joined this year by my lovely roomie who went as Minnie Mouse (which btw, ain’t she adorable, y’all?).

SO ADORBS!! My roomie is the BEST!!

I debuted one of my newest cosplays – Ichigo Kurosaki (Bankai Ver. 1) – while there, which was a lot of fun – if not hysterical because it’s been ages since I’ve done something shonen related and they do tend to provide some great fun and antics. Not only that, but the day before I ended up going as a last minute Rukia Kuchiki to a Halloween party (the original outfit was supposed to be for a regular version of Ichigo but… I wanted to be slightly cute so plans changed haha – so it got worn for Rukia first instead).

Who should I do next from Bleach? Hitsugaya? Byakuya? Aizen? Let me know and maybe I’ll get more fabric for it the next time I’m in Nippori (along with another special project I have coming up too!)! 😉

Anime USA 2019Back to Anime USA 2019 though – we made our way through the dealers room and artist alley first before heading to the maid cafe for lunch (where we got to meet some cool friends in line too!). Afterwards we went to a panel or two along with trying our hands out at ink painting with Jed Henry – gotta try that again in the future!

Btw, here’s a close up of my Rukia, lol.

It was so fun seeing all of the cosplayers while there. Just amazing cosplays – some from things I recognized like Free! , Black Butler (guys there was a whole Phantomhive family there, oh my gosh, I loved it!), Fruits Basket (Tohru, you were so perfect!), tons of Disney, but then there were others I didn’t recognize and they looked great as well! I feel like I’m behind after seeing everything somewhat. I need to start watching more shows.

But of course, I also dread the possibility of falling in love with new outfits and feeling compelled to make them at the same time. So… it’s a delicate balance. Is there anything I should definitely watch? What would you recommend that’s new?

After running through the hotel hitting up the panels of interest and shops, we ended up turning in and heading home around 7. (The joys of cons being close to home – you can sleep in your own bed if you really want.)

Overall, I had a lot of fun! I really hope next time I go to an event, that I can remember to bring my camera. Especially if I’m wearing something I can easily move in – which Ichigo pretty much was. Though those shoes, man – those were something else ^^; . Though what’s next… I don’t know! What event should I go to next? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know! Hope to see you all at the next one!

Yes, I’m aware I’m a dork, btw. 😉 <3 Ichigo

Much love,