Hello dolls!

So last month, I decided to treat myself and go see the Kingdom Hearts Symphony Orchestra presented at the Fisher Theater in Detroit, MI! I ended up going with my roomie and we managed to get resale tickets close to the front. Essentially, this kind of ended up being our last big hurrah for Michigan, and what a cool experience to end on!

It was very convenient for us, a short drive into the city, the magnificent Fisher Theater building was a beautiful sight displaying all of the glory of the Art Deco designs from the late 1920’s. Absolutely stunning!

Parking was easy enough; the hardest part seemed to be getting goods! I think they were overwhelmed with the turnout as the line took about 40 minutes to get through and even then, we weren’t even all the way through – I had to go back to pick up my order mid-way through the performance at intermission.

I ended up getting the CD, Program Pamphlet, and Conductor’s Keyblade (The Conductor even used one!). So cool!

Being so close to the front was a huge bonus and well worth the cost. The orchestra itself was right in between being huge and small – a good medium size, so it paid to be closer. As they played, behind the orchestra they projected a variety of cutscenes from the various games, some of which I hadn’t played or seen before so that was really fun to see (and no, I didn’t end up downloading the Kingdom Hearts Cross X Union game onto my phone after going, what ever gave you that idea?).

The best treat was the encore, where the orchestra played a new piece, the Toy Story Kingdom Hearts Arrangement specially designed for the 3rd game! Talk about a crowd pleaser, the whole crowd cheered so loudly. January 29th is how many days away? Too many. Got it.

My favorites remained being the Orchestra arrangements for Hikari and Passion. Sadly these were not on the CD though. (Anyone want to point me towards where I can legally download/purchase those arrangements? 😉 ) Just gorgeous and filled with emotion; it’s hard not to love them.

Kingdom Hearts Symphony

So if you get the chance, I highly recommend going to the Kingdom Hearts Symphony Orchestra. It’s a fun time and a truly lovely experience. It invoked all of the feelings the stories within the games as well as that classic Disney Magic.

Till next time,