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A good wig can make or break a cosplay. So where can you find the best ones? Here are 4 of my favorite cosplay wig retailers who are always ready and able to provide you with the perfect wig for your cosplay.


Assist Wig


Hyogo, Japan
(兵庫県, 日本)


Cosplay Wigs, Wig Styling Products, Wefts, Costumes, Shoes, Colored Contacts, Cosmetics, Props

Founded in December of 1992, Assist Wig is an all inclusive Cosplay shop for the cosplay enthusiast. Though they have a little bit of everything (and I mean, everything), their primary specialty remains wigs, including all wig care and styling products. These include the wigs themselves, styling gels, scissors, razors, clips, hair nets, wefts, shampoos, wig heads. You name it, they have it (and I’ve likely been eyeing it). With a fast selection of wigs in various colors and styles, Assist Wig also has several books of samples of their wig colors. This makes it easy to order from them and get the exact color you want.

In addition to their wigs, other items they sell include shoes, colored contact lenses, fake food, imitation animals, glasses, fake weapons, prosthetics, make up (such as eyebrow pencils in various anime-hair colored shades), binders, construction tools (such as foams, boards, and fabrics), camera accessories (for photographers), and even some completed cosplay outfits.

Though they do have in person shops, Assist Wig now sells internationally online and has a website in English. Their products are still listed in price under the Japanese Yen though. So to purchase, use a PayPal account, which will convert the currency. If you experience any trouble, reach out to your credit card agency. Credit cards may be declined due to unexpected purchases in foreign currencies, even if they are being converted. Also note that depending on your method of payment, foreign currency transaction fees may be incurred. Best to check beforehand!


Why This Shop?

The sheer variety of products they have make this a first stop for me. Particularly when it comes to standard styling tools, they’re one of my go to’s. The array of colors is also extremely helpful as well and I appreciate the cosplay-specific make up they have to go with their wigs.

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Visit Assist Wig Here:

Assist Cosplay International

Swallowtail Wig


Osaka, Japan
(大阪市, 日本)


Cosplay Wigs, Fashion Wigs, Wig Styling Products, Wefts, Shoes, Colored Contacts

One of my personal favorites, Swallowtail Wig has one of the best selection of wigs I’ve ever seen. Very well made and in a variety of colors, Swallowtail Wig hosts a wonderful selection for both everyday wear and cosplay purposes alike. With wigs, wefts, ponytail clips, etc, Swallowtail has also started branching out to carrying other items. Some of those include cosplay accessories, colored contact lenses, specialty platform shoes, wig care products, and styling items. Swallowtail also carries a color ring which contains samples of all of their colors, ensuring you get the exact color you desire. My favorite thing about Swallowtail’s colors is how natural looking they are, even when they’re something crazy like green or purple.

Swallowtail’s website is in Japanese and while there are currently many payment options, they only ship within Japan. So get yourself a friend in Japan that you trust who you can have your wigs shipped to. You can use Google Chrome as a cheat when searching through their online catalog. Despite these caveats for the English speaking shopper, Swallowtail remains my favorite though. Anytime I go to Japan, it’s a necessary stop on my shopping days. And with so many shops around Japan, it just makes it all the easier to go! Check them out!


Why This Shop?

Legitimately my favorite brand for wigs. I love the texture of the wigs and the tones in the colors. These often give off a more natural, if not still vibrant and striking effect.

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Visit Swallowtail Wig Here:


Arda Wigs


Chicago, IL, USA


Cosplay Wigs, Make Up, Lacefronting/Wefting Supplies, Styling Products, Dyes and Paints, Resin Products

Our first US based store on the wig shops list, Arda sells a variety of high quality wigs for all varieties of use, cosplay included! While they have a storefront in Chicago, IL, Arda is perhaps best known for showing up at multiple entertainment and pop culture conventions across the US. Like many wig shops on this list, Arda specializes in wigs. But it also sells items such as make up, wig care styling tools, dyes and paints, resin products, and more! Their wigs themselves come in a variety of colors. Some in both funky and fun gradients and multiple colors or shades in one wig. Best thing is they look beautiful!

Great things about Arda in particular include their tutorials, wig-styling centered blogs, and styling tools. These help to create specific looks, like bumps, rollers, and lace fronts. Essentially, the versatility of Arda makes them a great resource as their tools allow you to really custom craft your wig into exactly what you want. This is particularly great for those hard to make crazy hair styles that standard wigs just can’t manage.


Why This Shop?

Arda has a huge variety of wigs to accommodate nearly any need you may have for a wig. Additionally, I like that they have some less common styling tools seen more in the theater world which can help create some of those harder to achieve looks with only standard wigs, which are not always available at all wig shops.

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Visit Arda Wigs Here:

Arda Wigs

Epic Cosplay Wigs


Tustin, CA, USA


Cosplay Wigs, Wig Styling Products, Wefts, Shoes, Colored Contacts,

Based in California, Epic Cosplay Wigs has perhaps one of the largest selections of wigs with over 900+ styles and colors to choose from. What I think of with Epic Cosplay wigs is SOFT. Like so smooth. They have a great feel to them and for cosplayers they’re great because, well, they’re very specifically dedicated to creating wigs FOR cosplay. In addition to standard wefts and extensions also sold by the retailer, one of the stand out items that I’ve seen from them includes their clip in bangs. And that can completely alter the look of a wig in seconds. While they also have sample rings of all of their colors, they are also willing to sell individual colors for those just looking for a specific few shades.

Known for going around the country to various conventions, the easiest way to buy through Epic Cosplay Wigs is on their website. It also includes a good number of excellent tutorials for styling wigs. They are simple, step by step, and easy to follow. Epic Cosplay Wigs is also extremely willing to work with their clients to help them find the right wig for their cosplay, providing top notch customer service.


Why This Shop?

The Customer Service here is OUTSTANDING. Hands down, love working with them. They’re prompt in replying to inquiries. They know how cosplayers may be short on time. And they’re very knowledgeable about all of their products. Excellent shop among wig shops!

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Visit Epic Cosplay Wigs Here:

Epic Cosplay Wigs

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