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Good materials make all of the difference when it comes to cosplay. Below you'll find links to various lists of my favorite stores and shops for cosplay supplies such as fabric, wigs, and all kinds of crafting tools. I hope it helps make your cosplay journey a little easier and just that much more fun!

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Wigs, styling products, brushes and more!


Get all the wigs! Getting a character's hair right can make or break a cosplay, so why skimp out on one of the most important parts? Check out these shops for premium and high quality wigs for the best prices! Their wigs are fluffy, smooth, and perfect for styling that bizarre hairstyle from your favorite 90's cartoon. Not to mention, they're comfy! Click through to see why these are my favorites!

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Leather, cotton, linen, spandex - they've got you covered.


The right fabric makes a huge impact on the outcome of your cosplay project. Check out these shops for some of the best selection of fabrics, all of which are going to take your cosplay to the next level. They're some of my favorites and ones I always know have my back when it comes to anything. From cottons to rare stretch pleather prints, these shops are precisely where you want to go.

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Sometimes projects require a little more glue.


Whether you're making armor, wings, or perhaps some jewelry, these stores have you covered. Find the right glue, the right slicing tools, craft foam, wood, plastics, and more for all of your projects here. Check them out and see why these are my go-to stores when it comes to making accessories for cosplay!


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