“Get out of my sight, pureblood… You disgust me.”

-Zero Kiryu

It’s snowing outside, so what better time to bring out a new costume stat page for “Vampire Knight“‘s Zero Kiryu?

This time around, I wanted to share my Zero Kiryu Vine Version cosplay rendition. This was the second version of Zero that I did and it’s one I still love immensely. But if I was being honest with myself, I think I love all of the versions of Zero Kiryu that I have in my closet, haha. The Zero Kiryu Vine Version though has so far been the most difficult one though.

It’s difficult to maintain. It’s difficult to store. Heck, it’s M.O. seems to be making my life difficult. That said, it’s still a favorite and I’d love to go back to it one day. Particularly I’d like to use my updated wig for him as this was the last version of Zero that I did with the first wig I had. Regardless of the old wig, I still was overall very happy with the results of the photoshoots that I wore him too.

Perhaps the thing I was happiest about was how well the aparatus does work for giving off the appearance of the vines literally flowing and hovering around me. That was the trickiest thing to accomplish (and it’s also why this cosplay continues to be difficult with me haha). I guess I’ll just have to find a Kaname and a Yuki after Yuki’s past revelation so that I have an excuse to wear this version again…. and dang it, now I’m just thinking of all the other versions of Zero I want to do and make.

Anyway, hope you check it out and enjoy it!! ^_^

Zero Kiryu Vine Version
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All stat pages are also accessible through each costume’s respective image on the Costume Gallery Pages. As always, more to come soon!