“Yo, time to pay the piper, rat boy. I’m here to collect.”

-Kyo Sohma

A new costume stat page is up!!

For the month of March 2021, we’re diving back quite a bit to one of my older cosplays, my Kyo Sohma Costume from the series “Fruits Basket“!

With the 2019 reboot on my mind, Kyo has been on my mind a lot lately. He’s such an endearing character, and not one that I expected to be either. I really adored the manga when I was younger, but I have a new found respect for it as an adult. There’s so many wonderful life lessons in the manga, with some very powerful truths that hit you right in the feels. I can’t tell you how many times this series has made me cry.

For my Kyo Sohma Costume, I’ve ‘molded’ him over the years. At first, he was a very basic version – buy the shirt and shoes and a neon orange wig. (Oh that thing was SPECIAL). But with time, I added shoes and painted them to match his. I switched up the wig. Switched out the cat ears. And slowly, he’s become the Kyo Sohma Costume I have now. (Though I’m sure he’ll keep evolving with time!)

Kyo, as a character grew, on me with time. I actually remember deliberately not wanting to like him for some reason. The easy answer would be to say it was because I was allergic to cats, but I don’t think that was the reason. Maybe it was because I was more interested in Yuki’s mysterious nature at first and Kyo just seemed loud. But in that way, I think it just goes to show Natsuki Takaya’s writing brilliance.

There were so many things, particularly that happen with Kyo, that I just never saw coming. Not only that, there were so many moments where I felt the urge to go back and reread things. On second and later readings, I’d think ‘oh my gosh, that’s what he was thinking then.’ And it would hit me that much harder. Ultimately, I think that’s why I ended up adoring Kyo like I do. And then I made a cosplay for him. (Who didn’t see that one coming?) XD

Enter Kyo Sohma Costume Stat Page
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Goodness, this whole series just gives me the feels. There are so many characters to adore and love and cosplay. (If you haven’t, be sure to check out my Akito Sohma cosplay too!). I’d love to do more from the series. I do have Hatori Sohma done – just need to get photos of him too. But for now, please do enjoy Kyo. He’s a real gem of a character and I can only hope that I did him justice. I think he’s the type of character that makes you appreciate your circumstances, love in full earnest, and understand that no matter what, you too are worthy of happiness.

And of course, his story just goes to show how love can turn one’s life around. Love is very literally, his cure, what makes life worth living to him, even if he continues living possessed by the cat.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy this cosplay! All stat pages are also accessible through each costume’s respective image on the Costume Gallery Pages. As always, more to come soon! Until then, please enjoy the Kyo Sohma Costume Stat Page!


PS. Also, just a personal suggestion, but you should also go out and buy the instrumental soundtrack for the 2019 Fruits Basket anime. Go. Do it. Drown in the feels. (Don’t worry, you’ll thank me later. I promise!) 😉