“We can’t waste time worrying about the what-if’s. Rukia’s execution date has been changed to noon tomorrow. So what? If the deadline has been changed to tomorrow… I’ll just have to finish today!”

-Ichigo Kurosaki

A new costume stat page is up!!

For the month of April 2020, we have one of my newest cosplays, Ichigo Kurosaki of Tite Kubo’s “BLEACH“!

I got to wear this around during Katsucon 2020… and I might have discovered that this is my new most comfy cosplay of all time and also super fun to run around in. But just as fun for me was the process of making it. I got to go through Tokyo’s Nippori Fabric Town to get authentic material to make his attire and the process of learning how to make Haori, Hakuma and underclothing for said garments was fascinating. In a way, it really gave me a new appreciation for BLEACH and other shows like it, where Japanese culture is intertwined into the story and design.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed wearing it! ^_^

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All stat pages are also accessible through each costume’s respective image on the Costume Gallery Pages. As always, more to come soon!


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