The news has been breaking since about early this afternoon. One of America’s greatest legends has passed away. RIP Stan Lee.

I only got to see Stan Lee once, while at New York Comic Con back in my college years. He was very vibrant and full of life. I don’t know very much about him, but I feel very close to him, like I’m sure many comic book fans do – he was one of the last links to the golden era of comics, a time when heroes were created and began to embody and shape American ideals, morals, and legends.

I’m very grateful to him and for all that he did to create the Marvel mythology that we have today, with characters that inspire us to be better, to do better, and to be a hero when someone needs you to be. He may have “just” been “a comic book writer”, but he has shaped so many lives through his work. Stan said this about his work:

I agree whole-heartedly with Stan Lee here. Entertainment can rescue us – it can be there to help us hold on. So thank you Stan Lee for entertaining us. Thank you for providing us with so many heroes that mean so much to so many of us. We’ll miss you so much. Your family and friends are in our prayers and you’ll forever be the best Marvel hero. RIP Stan Lee.

With love, admiration, and the greatest respect,

Your fan,