“I told you, didn’t I? That ‘I am you.’ .”

-Dark Mousy

Another new one!!

How exciting is this?! A stat page for a character from a new series! This time it’s for my Dark Mousy Art Book cosplay from “D.N. Angel“!

For my first stat page for one of my Dark Mousy costumes, I decided to go with my favorite – my version of one of Dark Mousy’s outfits in the D.N. Angel Art Book. This was my 4th version of the character. I go back now and then to the show/manga and am constantly reminded of all of the tropes used in it. But at the same time, I’m also reminded of how utterly beautiful the art style is and why I enjoyed making Dark’s outfits.

This outfit in particular continues to be endearing to me, primarily I think because out of all the ones I made, it was the most functional, the prettiest, and worked the best with his wings and hair color. All matchy-matchy, which I loved. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

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All stat pages are also accessible through each costume’s respective image on the Costume Gallery Pages. As always, more to come soon! Till then, please enjoy the Dark Mousy Art Book Stat Page!