“You’re soft.”

-Chief Ayanami

We’re back and this time with a new 07 Ghost Cosplay page – the Chief Ayanami Costume Stat Page!

Ayanami was one of the first cosplays I ever did. And it was a military uniform so…. the majority of the Chief Ayanami costume I bought. I normally hateeeee buying cosplays. They never fit right. They’re not flattering. And for the most part they’re super cheaply made. This one though, surprised me and ended up being rather good. Lucky me!

While it wasn’t made to my size per say, due to the style of Ayanami’s outfit, it was easy to adjust to get it to look alright once on. I also did certain things such as create his sword and pick out his boots in order to make it a bit more unique. In 2019, I’d later buy him a new wig and style it. (A total excuse to try to find a place to wear him again might I add!)

I debuted my Chief Ayanami costume at Katsucon 2010 during a winter snow storm. Talk about the perfect outfit to stay warm in! Looking back, I was a derpy college student in it. I didn’t know what I was doing, but rather was just going along and having fun with it. We took a variety of fun and ‘serious’ photos. I look back at the latter now and just think ‘aghh, I could do this so much better now.’ But the former just hold fond memories for me, so I still look back at this costume warmly. <3

Chief Ayanami Stat Page EnterSome of my early learning curves with cosplay involved make up in particular and posing. For poses, I just did what I thought looked ‘cool’ or would be ‘attractive’. Yeah… that doesn’t work all that well in real life, haha. Characters practically always look good, no matter the angle, but you better believe it doesn’t work that way in real life. Posing to get good facial expressions and angles is so SO key. Even the way you hold your body and have it face the camera is important. Don’t just focus on your face!

When I first wore Ayanami, I also didn’t wear any make up…. BAD SKYWING BAD. I was under the impression that ‘guys typically don’t wear make-up, so if I cos a guy, I shouldn’t either’. NOPE. Wear the make up. WEAR IT. I think that’s the thing I cringe at most when I look back at this cosplay. My photographers were so talented and helpful and yet there I was WITHOUT make up on. Ugh, it bothers me so much to this day.

Still, despite all its flaws, as I said, I look back on it fondly. I think I do because it’s a good reminder to me to remember to have fun while in cosplay. Yes, it’s art to me. But it can also bring joy not just to others, but to oneself as well. Ironic, considering Ayanami as a character seems to lack ALL joy, haha.

I’m not sure I’d ever do a different version of Aya again. I still have a number of Frau cosplays I want to do as well as one for Ouka. (I swear I don’t have a problem with 07 Ghost cosplay!) Would be super fun I think to do a ‘before/after’ type thing for Chief Ayanami though. And of course, I’d love to find more of my fellow 07 Ghost cosplayers! Where be you at, my loves?!

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In any case, I do hope you enjoy it regardless! Ayanami was such a great character and a truly excellent antagonist for this series. And it’s fun cosplaying the bad guy once in a while. So please enjoy this cosplay from my favorite series – no matter what I may say, it still means a lot to me! ^_^

All stat pages are also accessible through each costume’s respective image on the Costume Gallery Page. As always, more to come soon! Until then, please enjoy this new Chief Ayanami costume stat page!