Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween 2018!


Here’s to hoping that you have some fun plans for the holiday and have fun dressing up!

I’ve got a couple things going on for the day and still nothing to wear! 😉 But here’s a little shot of how I make up for it:


Thanks goes to TheGazette‘s Ruki and Mangaka Yana Toboso for the make up inspiration, if you can’t tell. I took details from one of Toboso-sensei’s alt-universe designs of Sebastian Michaelis. Then I added Ruki’s famous neck make up along with jewelry and accessories straight from Harajuku in Tokyo!

Personally, though I have a ton of costumes in my closet, the best Halloween costumes (and the ones that are the most fun), tend to be the ones I throw together last minute. Another fun attribute to wearing costumes on Halloween to me tends to just be seeing the reactions of people’s faces. Most of the time, I think I tend to fade into the background with people. But on Halloween, there’s no stopping me from going all out. And that really tends to surprise people! What’s your experience with Halloween costumes like?

Anyway, have fun and stay safe this year! Again, Happy Halloween 2018! Till next Halloween!