Travels: Facing Fears with Japan’s “In The Heights”

A long time ago, I was a gaijin (外人), or foreigner there. I was fresh off the boat in Japan with a tiny studio apartment. I didn’t even have a phone at the time. None the less, I was determined to experience EVERYTHING I could in this country. And I learned early on to ALWAYS GO FOR IT when in the land of the rising sun. Trust me, it’s worth the risk. 😉

Receiving Peace During Times of Uncertainty (COVID-19)

Right now I realize is a time of much uncertainty in the world with regard to the recently named pandemic COVID-19 or coronavirus. I think it’s very easy when faced with the unknown to feel anxious, scared, or even depressed. So what is my reason for going into this? Why bring up all of these feelings of anxiety and isolation? Because I wanted to share with you all what GOT RID of them for me today.